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Shamanic Healing

Soul Retrieval 

Power Retrieval

Power Animal Retrieval

Extraction of Unwanted Spiritual Attachments

Clear Blocked or Stagnant Energy 


Business / Home / Land

Psychic-Mediumship Readings

Connect with loved ones who have                crossed, receive healing messages about health, life path, business, relationships, spiritual gifts, spiritual intrusions, past lives, home, and dreams *GROUP PARTIES

Energy Healing

60-minute Healing session

In-person at Woodland Healing or Remotely by phone or Zoom

*Spiritual & Metaphysical

  Wellness Coaching for All Ages

*Psychic & Mediumship Training

Spirit Art/Commissions

Auragraph Portraits: auragraph represents a person’s past, present, and potential as seen by a medium or clairvoyant.



Meditation Class
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